Developed By Mustafif Khan
Opensource Projects under MIT License

MKProjects is a collection of portfolio projects written by myself, MKProjects and are licensed to be opensourced. I have been working under the github organization I run, MKProjects for over 3 years and during that time I have worked on plenty of projects (we have almost 60 repos!). In this website you can find the information on my currently maintained projects, other works such as publications and plans for the future.

My interest in programming started with developing websites, and had later diverted to becoming such a big part of my life. Currently I focus on systems programming, and now mainly write backend applications, but you'll still find that website lover spirit still existing in MKProjects. I always try to write projects that solve problems stemming from my laziness and it tends to also benefit others such as developers or students.


MKProjects will always align closely to the topics I'm interested in learning and as someone focused in the field of systems programming, it can get kind of complicated...but here is the topics I'm interested in:

  • Compilers & Interpreters:
    • Developing a programming language
  • Operating System / Kernel Development:
    • Linux Kernel or a Unix-like Microkernel development
  • Text Editor Development:
    • A Vim or VSCode-like editor
  • Penetration Testing:
    • Being able to write programs to test for vulnerabilities

This website is built to show everything I work on, and as such its important to know what each page is meant for:

  • Projects:
    • Show current maintained projects
    • Discuss concepts of future projects under Mufi Experiments
  • Resume:
    • Interested in hiring me?
    • Shows all skills, and experience
  • Pages:
    • Showcases all of my publications in programming
    • Discusses my experience as an author

My focus on programming languages I'd like to use in my portfolio stems down to two branches. The first is performance and the second is safety/security. These programs are mainly for systems programming, and should be able to do low-level tasks such as memory allocation, hardware interaction and such...

The languages currently being used in MKProjects for development are the following:

  • Zig: A general purpose language to build robust, optimal and reusable programs.
  • Rust: A language built to deliver high performance applications with guaranteed memory/thread safety.
  • C: A general purpose language to build high performance programs