is the main site of the whole project, and thus has to be maintained often to keep upto date with the other projects efforts. It also must make sure to showcase the various projects, as a middle man of sorts.


MKProject Books is a project aimed to bring opensource resources to the general public for free (with the exception of Let's Learn Series), and each series containing a different view on delivering the material.

MoKa Weekly

MoKa Weekly came from my love of articles, and I never really cared if it was an opinion or actual news, and that's what Moka will have. It's name comes from my love of coffee, so read an article as you sip on a nice cup of mocha.

Phaktionz TCG

A new view on Trading Card Games with more focus on the community, and has attributes that is influenced by the community, and is built to be a game that charms the different sides of a coin.